About us

Founded in 2018, our mission is to promote blockchain and decentralization with high quality products. 

Bitcoin is a confusing given in our world. Some people see it as a "Store-of-value".  Others see it as a payment system. The less savvy people among us see it as a Ponzi scheme. 

The only thing we know for sure about Bitcoin is that it is a game changer. Cryptocurrencies are advancing at a pace that the world has not seen before. What is normal now is soon to abnormal. What is still centralised now will be decentralised. 

Bitcoin, in whatever form, is here to stay. We try to support the revolution with our blockchain stuff. We offer high quality Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, but also Mugs Or caps of your favorite cryptocurrencies. Not only do we sell crypto related stuff. We also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as a method of payment. 

Like Bitcoin, we are global and we send our products to every corner of the world. Take advantage of our discounted items and waterproof online ordering/payment system. Get your Bitcoin style now.